I'm back but only to tell you I will be gone for the next two weeks.

We are finally moving to our new place and to a new atelier (see picture below). I'm very excited to start decorating, but first floors have to be placed, walls have to be treated, doors need to be sanded and so much more...

As soon as I can get online I will share more pics with you.

The shop will be closed for two weeks while we pack and unpack. Reopening on 07/10/2013.

Untill soon! 

◑ ◡ ◑ 

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15 reacties

  1. Good luck with everything! I'm looking forward to see your finished atelier!

  2. Congratulations! Cannot wait to see what your new place will look like once decorated!

  3. Veel succes met je verhuis en je nieuw avontuur! :)

  4. this is unbelievable beautiful!!!

    there´s still a wreath waiting for you - just let me know:)

  5. See you then, it must be very exiting finally moving to your own new place! Enjoy the moving in and nesting there!

  6. This place is going to be fantastic! Good luck with it!

  7. Congratulations on your new place and best of luck with the moving in and decorating :)

  8. Dat wordt een super atelier!
    Succes met het verhuizen...

  9. So exciting!!! Looking forward to seeing the final rooms! :D Wish you good luck and a lot of fun!! :D

  10. Joehoew, eindelijk zeg! 't Ziet er nu al super uit! Succes met de verhuis :)

  11. Wow, gaat super mooi zijn! Volgende Pots & Paper bijeenkomst bij jou ? ;-)

    1. Ha ja, mag gerust, al gaan we wat tussen het stof zitten. ;)

  12. Oooohhhh, veel succes!! Ik kijk er érg naar uit om het eindresultaat te zien.

  13. wauw die eerste foto/ruimte!
    ziet er veelbelovend uit :)

  14. Geweldig! Ben nu al heel benieuwd naar hoe het wordt!


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