Some old and new pictures that I haven't shared yet on this place.

• on my way to meet up with friends • a sneak peak of something new for the shop, hope you like what you see • still in love with our big kitchen table, though it never looks so clean as in this picture, most of the sewing happens here so imaging fabric, wool and tread everywhere while we eat standing at the countertop • new apple cushions for the shop, last week I have been busy with knitting many many fabrics • a picture from this summer, I found my love for sewing my own clothes again and will show you some results soon, a new fabric stash is already waiting • Berlin souvenirs •

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10 reacties

  1. Oh, you worked a lot!
    Looking forward to see your sewn clothes! I love to wear my handmade dresses :)

  2. so nice photos! I would love to see some of your self sewn clothes. :)

  3. Die stofjes zijn zo schoon! Ik hoop dat je binnenkort wat foto's van je naaiavonturen deelt :)

  4. Oh this pile of fabric looks great! Where do you get your fabric?

    1. Thank you! I get my fabrics from thrift markets and fabric stores. These where all from an old fabric store in our neighborhood that was closing.

  5. mooie stoffen! en zo leuk die photobooths :)


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