Beekeepers quilt.


If you follow me on Ravelry, you already noticed I finally finnished (some months ago) my Beekeepers quilt. After knitting almost 365 hexapuffs I decided I had enough for a small blanket and to be honest looking forward to new projects. I like the result, as well as Lola, who likes to lie on top of the couch.

◑ ◡ ◑

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  1. Oh wauw, wat is het en prachtige (prachtige!) deken geworden. Als ik Lola was dan zou ik daar ook de hele dag op liggen, mmm

  2. wow - mine will still take a few more years to come together:) i love you´re light colours with those bold spots in between!

  3. Congratulations! That was a big project! I guess I would have stopped somewhere in the middle ;)

  4. lucky lola :) it looks great!

  5. So beautiful! Congrats on completed it, I remember seeing peeks of its progress and I wondered how many you'd do - a years worth!! Yay. So good. My cat would love it too : )

  6. veeery niiiiceee!!

    have a good time,


  7. This is so amazing! Great work and I sooo envy your patience!

  8. This looks amazing!!! I really love the different wool colours that you used.


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