• My nematanthus finaly got some roots.
• Two new advocado plants that need to be planted in pots.
• This morning my fig tree had a big suprise for me!
• I cut my finger when making stencils for a new project. auwch

Wishing you nice weekend!

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11 reacties

  1. hooray for the roots. lovely stripes on the glass :)
    the last picture is too cute. love it.
    happy weekend!

  2. I just came home with a cold, the hot chocolate I drink + your blog, put a smile on my cheeks again and confort me against the dark and cold sky.

    I'm happy to discover your page!

  3. ik had mijn vinger ook pijn gedaan deze week

  4. lovely images! i forgot how wonderful your blog is :)

  5. Poor finger! Hope it heals fast! I am also very happy with my avocado. It's my second try and this time it worked :)

  6. can you grow an avocado tree from the pit?! you just rocked my world!

  7. i love the lil' things you see and that inspire you everyday- such lovely little and simple treasures xx

  8. Oh my the last photo is too cute!! Love your blog, instant follow!

  9. leuk die stekjes! en mooie plaatjes zo bij elkaar. die laatste is super!


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