Some pictures of my weekend.

• The whole appartment changed into a copycenter. Busy printing Christmas cards for family and friends.
• I made a necklace.
• We found the best Asian take away food in the city.
• Listened to this song over and over.

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18 reacties

  1. sounds like a lovely weekend :)
    the christmas cards are gorgeous!

  2. Ik ben ook helemaal weg van dit liedje :)

  3. ja, mooi liedje! en mooie ketting & kaartjes ook!
    fijne nieuwe week!

  4. i love the print on your cards! i would love to see you make dolls of your characters xx

    i think i've even told you numerous times about the lil' childrens book i've envisioned of your work.

    always looking forward to these posts xx thanks for sharing!

  5. Galatea > You are just to kind! I will keep it in mind, maybe one day I will make some dolls.

  6. oh yes, asian food!
    The cards look so nice!

  7. Hermine > Ben je er ook al geweest? Zou het niet erg vinden om alles van de kaart te proeven ;)

  8. i am loving the white, simple aesthetic of your apartment <3!!

  9. I'm glad you got my autumn gift :) I have the same problem here, it is so grey and dark, I wait the whole day for a bit of light to make pictures, but now way, so I had to help myself with photoshop to brighten my pictures up.

  10. hele mooie kaartjes!
    Ik passeer daar elke dag met de fiets en ik vroeg me al af of het daar lekker is? Nu weet ik het dus...zaterdag eten we 'chinees'!! ;-)

  11. the link to the song doesn't work. I'm curious which song did you listen to over and over again?

  12. LNA > How strange, it seems to work with me... Anyway it's Video Games from Lana Del Rey

  13. what a beautiful beautiful necklace. Love the colors


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