When Mina asked me if I wanted to take part again in her gift-swap I gladly said yes! It is so much fun to get a present from a mystery person and to send a surprise to someone else.

This was waiting for me in the mailbox a couple of weeks ago. Lily send me a tote-bag made out of the most gorgeous fabric and cute hand carved stamps.

Thank you very much dear Lily!

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14 reacties

  1. oh, everything is perfect and delicate!

  2. aw, lucky you. such beautiful gifts!

  3. Wow! That tote bag is so cute! I love it... perfect for the farmer's market.
    Sending strangers a surprise is such a good idea, too...
    Thanks for sharing. :)

  4. Ahaaaaa daar is hij dan! De eerste in de rij! (denk ik toch? tenzij ik er eentje over het hoofd zag!) Mooie tas! En een uil-stempel! Leuk leuk :)
    Mijn enveloppe is ook op de post nu!

  5. ohh, I've taken part in this too, not received mine yet, exciting. You received something very lovely x

  6. What a wonderful idea this gift swap! And the tote bag is so beautiful:-)
    Have a nice weekend!

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  8. Oh I think you are the first one who got his summer gift :) Love the fabric of the bag!

  9. ik ben nog aan mijn pakje aan het werken : )

    1. Jij bent niet de enige. Ik ben ook nog niet klaar met mijn verrassing :)

  10. the bag & the stamps are amazing!
    i am waiting for mine too! :)

  11. Adorable! Wonderful colors and such a cute stamp.


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