A few months in review.


I know I have been a bit abscent the last weeks/months of 2013. We had our big move at the beginning of Octobre, lived a month without water (oh the luxery of tap water!) and even two months without any heat.

Two years ago we started with our big renovations... After a lot of sweat and tears and what felt like forever we 'almost' can see a finish line. The last month was dedicated to building the wooden floors, tiling the bathroom (thank you dad), sewing curtains and building a temporary kitchen...  I'm happy to see all our vintage treasures finally out of their boxes, plaster ornaments and other details we saved from the demolishing works are getting a new place, my custom shelving that is getting stuffed with books,...

And although I nagged about all the evenings, weekends and all the vacation we spend renovating, it was all worth it. We worked untill the last minutes of 2013 but are very glad and thankfull to start the new year in this place. Don't get me wrong, their is still lot's and lot's of work to be done but we are getting there and I am very proud we almost did it all on our own with the help of our friends and family.

And I want to thank you too! Thank you for sticking with me (even though I was a lazy blogger), all the comments you left me, the e-mails and support you gave me and all the 2014 wishes!

The next blog posts will be dedicated to our renovations. If you want to see them from the start, have a look here.

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12 reacties

  1. Happy 2014!
    I can imagine how much time and effort you have devoted into this home. But they are all worth!!! Your home now looks super cozy and great. Wish you good luck, smooth renovation and rewarding vintage treasure hunting.

    p.s. I am now imagining that I am sitting on the fabric sofa and hugging your apple cushion and looking around your home...

  2. I'm glad your back :)
    Everything looks beautiful and so cozy. We are renovating our apartment a bit these days and I hope it looks a little bit like your place afterwards.
    Enjoy your sweet home!

  3. I like your shelf!! and obviously your photos and whatever you create!! so beautiful!

  4. Oh, I know what you've been through... I recently moved myself and went through a little renovation period. Pretty tough, right? But the results are sure worth it. There's nothing like a new - and improved - home! Happy 2014!

  5. Oh ik ben heel benieuwd naar meer foto's! Het ziet er alvast veelbelovend uit.
    Gelukkig nieuwjaar, en veel succes met de verdere afwerking!

  6. That looks wonderful ! And for sure to own your own place is worth the hard work. Well done! And a lot of courage to finally reach the finish line.

  7. a beautiful 2014!

  8. Oh waaw, alles ziet er nu al zo mooi uit… Hoe erg het allemaal ook klinkt, stiekem heb ik zin om ook eens iets te verbouwen om er volledig m’n eigen ding mee te doen. Benieuwd naar meer foto’s!

    1. Dankje Lisa. Ja, het is best wel zwaar. Je begint met volle goesting maar als alles zo lang duurt is de zin weg. Ik veronderstel dat iedereen die bouwt of verbouwt hier wel mee te kampen krijgt. Nu ik eindelijk alles vol kan zetten met meubels en spullen voelt het al een stuk beter ; )

  9. Such a great start into the new year in a new home. :) Wish you a happy new year! :)

  10. Wauw! Wat ziet het er al mooi uit! Heel veel succes en geniet ervan in het nieuwe jaar!

  11. It is becoming such a beautiful place ♡♡


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