Some snaps from the last days:

• Slowly turning our home into a jungle. The Monstera was on my wishlist for a very long time, I love the many different shapes of his leaves.
• Embroidery, new brooches will soon be finnished for the shop.
• New pillows too!
• This little diva loves to follow me around the house.
• Almost finnished!

◑ ◡ ◑

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8 reacties

  1. my diva is black and white but the same - always watching and i´m not sure she approves of what i do:)
    your beekeepers quilt looks lovely, so bright, mine is nowhere near finishing and it looks like i´ve taken a darker colour route by accident...

  2. Wauuuuuuw, dat ziet er prachtig uit! Jij maakt zo'n mooie plaatjes :)

  3. Ik ben zo een ongelofelijke liefhebster van jouw blog :)

  4. Beautiful photos, I love peeking into studio spaces. Can't wait to see your beekeeper quilt finished, it looks so exciting!

  5. the quilt looks already beautiful! very nice colors!

  6. I have starred at this amazing rug for like 5 minutes @.@

  7. Your cat has great eyes and chubby cheeks :)
    Your house looks so bright and i love everything you create - i hope i can have a job soon so i can buy beautiful things from you!


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