Weekend snaps.


How was your weekend? Me and H. went to the other part of the country to visit my family. Such a long time since I've seen them, we had a great time together.

• Enjoying bad and good weather.
• Lots and lots of strawberry's from the garden.
• Visit to the animal market and wishing I had a huge farm so I could bring all these little ones home with me. Look at those little ducks.

Thank you all so much for the great comments on my previous post!

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5 reacties

  1. mmm aardbeitjes! en de eendjes! een kuikentje van mijn lief is dit weekend verdronken in de waterbak, zo triestig.

  2. Wat een mooie foto's. De eerste 3 zijn mijn favorieten !

  3. great depth shots, very surreal x

  4. ferns! strawberries!

    I LOVE your weekend. thanks for sharing.


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