Books from my library.


• Love to look in this book. So much inspiration!
• My first Polaroid-picture and first trip to Disneyland :)
• Should take much more pictures but I'm too scared to waste them.

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8 reacties

  1. have you been getting good results with the impossible film? I took one photo and it turned out blurry. the colours are all covered in a muddy I not using it correctly?

  2. Hi May,
    I haven't used the impossible film yet. I still got some expired films that I first want to use and I can only use them when the light is very bright. Maybe it is the kind of film you bought? There are so many different kind of films you can buy.

  3. The book looks really great!
    I was thinking also recently of using my polaroid again, but you are right, it's unfortunately so expensive :(

  4. Mooi boek! Is dat David Hockney op de derde foto? Die zijn werk is heerlijk. En ik hoop ook dat de polaroidfilms op een dag weer betaalbaar zullen zijn…

  5. you know what...I've been wanting to try that new film, but I was nervous to. I think I might just have to try it now! Beautiful book too!

  6. That book looks amazing!

    I have a stash of polaroid film that I just can't bring myself to use. Silly, since I love it so much.


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