Work in progress.


• Work in progress + a new friend!
• I've been lazy in letterwriting but promis to make it up this week! It just takes a lot of time since I want every package/letter to be perfect and special. So all of you who are still waiting, there will be something in your mailbox very soon.

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24 reacties

  1. jouw tekeningen zijn echt ontzettend leuk :)
    ik word vrolijk van dat wolfje (?)! zo gezellig, met z'n feestmuts en vlaggetje.

  2. Ah ! I understand you, me too I am late in my mails, because I want that each is special !
    I like your work in progress :)

  3. I want send mails again. I can't wait the end of my exam.
    love your new friend.

  4. Die zien er allemaal weer mooi uit!!
    Schone vijgenplant ook :)

  5. I like your new little friend! :-)

  6. I like your new little friend!

  7. The image that we see at the top left
    looks pretty!
    Just like the new guest!
    Have a nice week! ^_^

  8. Wat een leuk vrendje! Ik wil ooh wel zo'n vriendje :-)

  9. when did you switch your blog to the other side? i haven't been online much, but really love the new layout. i've missed your posts, and very glad to be back again x

    all your characters are soo cute! i wonder if you ever thought of making childrens books?

    1. Thank you! I'm happy you like the new layout.

      I thought about making childrens books but I'm not a good story writer. Should practice it a little or just give it a go and see.

  10. I wish you luck with your fig tree!

  11. Ohh is he a fox? I love it! I'm really slow about letter-writing, too. :]

  12. So cute :) Just found your blog via Seventry Tree - so now it goes on my reader list :) Have a nice weekend

  13. I love the shape of fig trees, wonderful!

  14. Your new ilustrations looks very nice. I like the way you draw!

  15. L.O.V.E. this blue adorable creature. So cute it hurts!

  16. really like the drawings in b&w. the bunny :)


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