• My herbs are growing very well.
• A new plant. I should stop bringing plants at our little place, it starts to look like a jungle. This one was a present from my 's  colleague.
• No summer without fresh stawberries from my parents garden. My grandparents used to be strawberry farmers and at the beginning of summer we ate them everyday untill we couldn't stand it anymore. Strawberries with brown sugar in the mornings, with icecream in the evening, just plane and simple in between, as jam, in cake, ...

To celebrate the start of summer (even though there is no sun) I'm having a summer sale in the shop! Use the discount code 'SUMMER' by checkout and enjoy a discount of 10%!

Have a great weekend!

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14 reacties

  1. yum i love strawberries =)
    happy weekend to you too

  2. These plants are lovely!

    Have a great one also:)

  3. Oh jum, ik houd zo van aardbeien! (hoewel ik me kan voorstellen dat als je een aardbei-familie bent, je op een gegeven moment er genoeg van hebt :))
    Fijn weekend!

  4. Die geluksboompjes zijn echt leuk, ik heb er ook zo ééntje (jup, hier is het ook een jungle).
    Hij was wel helemaal doodgevroren deze winter (oeps) maar nu komt hij er gelukkig weer door : )

  5. that is super cool that your parents were strawberry farmers! i can only imagine you grew up with strawberries on everything. must have been a great smelling household x

  6. I like your "strawberries tradition".
    Have a sew week-end.

  7. i love that! now i want to be a strawberry farmer

  8. There is no sun here either - but plenty of Strawberries! :)

  9. How cute are your herbs? Adorable! I also adore plants in the house. I wish I had a garden...

  10. Lovely photos - I've had to ban myself from buying new plants. Instead, I'm trying to grow houseplants from kitchen scraps, like avocado stones and apple pips.

  11. so cute your babe plants so so pretty! your loking down images, reminds me wes anderson :)

    1. Oh thank you for the enormous compliment! I love Wes Anderson!

  12. hoe meer plantjes, hoe beter : D
    geniet van de zomer!

  13. Beautiful pictures! I love summer : ) x


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